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SAF International is a global consulting and strategy execution firm. We utilize our unmatched expertise in Strategy, Process, and Management to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives, giving them the competitive edge in the market place. We collaborate with our Information Technology division to design and implement solutions, using the latest state of the art technologies available.

In a nutshell, we provide our expertise to our clients, to create and execute strategies through process and management.

We are best known for our  “Performance Based Services Delivery “ model, which has been called a “Game Changer” in the service industry; and which basically is a guarantee that the pre-determined deliverables (Project and product related), including schedule, cost, scope, etc. would be met. If not, we stand to reimburse the daily pro-rated cost until they are. We do this because we understand that every initiative is tied to the success or failure of the overall strategy. If it is not completed within the constraints, the strategy loses its effectiveness and does adversely impact on organization’s growth and bottom line. This delivery model applies to every service we offer, including Strategy, Process and Management.


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The SAF International Way is client-oriented and client-approved. Our approach is pragmatic, effective, and efficient.

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SAF International, based in Greater New York of U.S.A., providing services domestic and internationally, was founded in 2007 by Mirza Baig in New Jersey. Mirza Baig holds numerous professional Certifications, including PGMP, PMP, SMC, MBB, and ITIL, holds Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (WVA/ VA Tech) and Masters in Technology Management (Mercer University, Stetson School of Business).

Mirza Baig has been providing business and management consulting services to mid-sized and large fortune 500 companies,  as well as non-profit organizations for more than 15 years.

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