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Breakthrough Results, Through Six Sigma Implementation

break through results, through six sigma implementation

The six sigma management system can significantly enhance the profits of an organization by increasing the quality of its processes. The system emphasizes on simplicity of the process, quality of parts and supplies, and employee responsibility in achieving the organization’s objectives. It is essential to point out that direct employee involvement in the introduction of the six sigma system is a vital factor in the successful implementation of the system. Therefore, employee training is an essential perquisite in the successful implementation of the six sigma method. The implementation takes the following process:

Pilot Project

For proper implementation of the six sigma program, it is important to start with a pilot project. You need to identify a process within your organization that generates defects or is not performing as expected particularly in the production stage. The identification process of the poorly performing process should involve the people who work in that process and consider their input. It should be understood that the six sigma implementation process only works when everyone in the organization is involved.


The employee or the individual leading the six sigma implementation project has to understand about the process, methods and the principles. The employee must be knowledgeable and understand what he or she is expected to do and how to successfully carry out the implementation process. Therefore, before starting the six sigma implementation process, it is essential to ensure that you get the right and qualified person to supervise the implementation process.

Get the right team

A qualified implementation leader cannot successfully implement the six sigma method without the right team. This, therefore, means that you need to select a team of employees that will help with the implementation process. Some of the team members can be trained further and become leaders and support team to aid in the process. A great team is needed during the implementation and after the implementation.


It is essential to have a plan in place. The aim of having a good plan is to put in place a structure that reorganizes the target production process to decrease defects. The team leader must identify the problem areas and the team that was selected has to find solutions to these problems. The plan must contain details on how the team proposes to reduce wastage, inefficiency and bottlenecks.


The six sigma implementation process requires an initial effort and it is a continuous process. The initial pilot project sets out the steps to be followed by the organization for a continued application. The employees must make the necessary changes in line with the plan and has to follow what the team leader asks them to do to ensure that the implementation process s a success.

An organization that successfully implements the six sigma program will experience enhanced company performance, increased profitability and improved output.