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Why Implement The Office of Strategy Management

why implement the office of strategy management

Implementing an Office of Strategy Management in any organization can remarkably improve the overall strategy implementation as well as the competitive advantage of the organization. Many organizations experience a disconnect between strategy formulation, implementation, and execution. However, organizations that have the office of strategy management do not experience this large disconnect. Taking advantage of this office as a mechanism to close the gap between strategy development and implementation, will remarkably improve the chances for a successful strategy implementation. The Office of Strategy Management has the following roles:

1. Leads the strategy design

The Office of Strategy Management helps the executive team to design the strategy administration system by setting objectives that the organization should focus on. The office also has the role of to set up indicators of that will be used to measure the performance, the targets to be pursued by the organization and the initiatives to be followed in order to achieve the desired performance. The office has the responsibility of gathering the required data and to establish a common data collection system in each and every part of the organization to ensure that it always gets updated information of the progress made.

2. Aligns the organization

The office ensures that all operational areas within an organization are aligned with the set strategies to guarantee achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. The office sets up mechanisms and systems that will ensure that all the objectives, targets and indicators are aligned according to the corporate strategy.

3. Communicates the strategy

This is among the most important roles of the Office of Strategy Management.  The office has the responsibility of communicating the strategy and the progress made so far to everyone within the organization. This will ensure that everyone understands the strategy and what is expected of them as employees of the organization.

4. Monitor the strategy

The office organizes frequent strategy review meetings during which the top management analyzes the performance of the strategy and the outcomes of the strategy and how it affects the overall performance of the organization. In other words, the office is mandated with the task of monitoring the strategy and its overall performance.

5. Adjust the strategy

The office of strategy management has the obligation of collecting data, analyzing the data and making the necessary adjustment to ensure that the strategy set is implemented according to the set objectives of the organization. This is done in collaboration with the executive team of the organization.

The Office of Strategy Management is responsible for ensuring that all the Support Units are aligned to the strategy. The office collaborates with other departments to execute the organization’s strategic initiatives.