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The Importance of ITIL Implementation To An Organization

the importance of itil implementation to an organization

ITIL combines the workforce, processes, products, and partners, and if well implemented, it changes the organization’s structure, processes, service management to achieve customer satisfaction and goals of the organization. ITIL provides a strong framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT activities and services that can be adapted and applied in an organization. This framework helps the organization to operate efficiently, cut costs and achieve the objectives and goals of the organization. Here are some benefits of ITIL implementation in an organization:

Enhanced operations

Financial management is incorporated throughout the ITIL service lifecycle. This means that organization’s costs are planned effectively and controlled. Therefore, cost justification can easily be made. The employees within an ITIL-compliant organization can gain immense competencies and skills. This will increase their capacity to handle tasks and increase productivity as well as the efficiency of the organization. Operational processes will be efficient; they can be controlled and easily be measured. In turn, the organization will experience increased productivity and the staff as well as the customers will be satisfied.

Quality of service

An organization that fully implements ITIL framework that works will experience an improvement in the quality of services provided to the customers. ITIL provides constant measurement and improvements to service delivery and this guarantees quality assurance of the service. This does not end with the customer acceptance test, but it continues throughout the service lifecycle. The focus on customer needs, preferences and wants, as well as the perception of products shifts away from a technological consideration towards value offered. This means that the organization will focus on delivering customer satisfaction and value addition.

Enhanced reliability and efficiency

By implementing ITIL, the organization will be adopting standards that are proven to work. This means that the organization will be able to deliver quality services consistently, effectively and more efficiently. The support teams can easily identify problem areas; fix the issues in the shortest time possible reducing disruptions and downtime. This will enable the organization to meet their set service levels, contractual obligations, and legal requirements.

Optimization of service delivery throughout the supply chain

ITIL implementation offers substantial opportunities for the simplification and standardization of processes across the organization and trading partners if any. It provides models and processes that help in fostering partnerships between businesses, customers, and suppliers. ITIL enables service providers to make informed business decisions on various investment opportunities, management of risks and above all cost optimization and reduction.

By implementing ITIL services and practices, an organization can concentrate on delivering value to its customers and will quickly adopt change for the business.