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Why PMO Assessment Is Vital To Any Organization

why pmo assessment is vital to any organization

A project Management Office, also known as PMO, is a particular department within an organization that is mandated with the responsibility of maintaining specific standards of project management within the organization. The roles of PMO in different organizations vary based on the type of organization and the projects undertaken by the organizations. The role of PMO assessment includes the following:


Project support

The first and most important role of Project Management Office is to provide the required project management support. This can be done through offering guidance to project managers within the organization. PMO assessment is vital in ensuring that the various project managers receive adequate support in fulfilling the organization’s objectives and to ensure that the project is within the set timelines.


Project Management Process

The primary role of the project management office is to ensure the development, assessment, and implementation of all standardized business processes. The PMO helps in setting up a common set of principles, practices and workable templates that will enhance the management of different organizational projects. When the management process is enhanced and is efficient, time and money will be saved in the organization.


Data gathering

Data gathering and information collection is part of the work of the PMO. Once the data collection process is complete, the office delivers the same data to the management for a review. The PMO is also responsible for tracking the overall performance of all the projects undertaken by the organization. This will help in the standardization of the processes and appropriate ways of reporting the same to the top management.


Facilitate the portfolio management process

The project management office has a role in ensuring that the entire portfolio management process is well implemented. This may include the following:

1. Managing resource forecast and creating a capacity plan. This ensures that all the available resources are well known and are used appropriately to ensure that all the projects are done successfully without hitches.

2. To collect all project requests and relevant information that will help in the assessment of the project.

3. To maintain updated information and status of different projects done by the organization. It is also responsible for receiving other requests that are subject to a review.

4. To prioritize and establish scoring models for all the projects and to enhance assessment of the requests that are yet to be approved.

5. PMO assessment is vital for any organization that is result oriented and focused in achieving success in all its projects. This office will ensure that the organization saves both time and money when doing various projects.