Financial Services

We understand that business change programs and projects in the financial industry can bring unique obstacles that demand specialized expertise.

SAF International offers an unparalleled and holistic understanding of this service along with an active and pragmatic approach to the assignments, offering clients superior expertise in all project and program executions.

Our experience encompasses profound knowledge in unique and highly specialized banking and insurance operations. We demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of many poignant concerns in the financial sector such as supply management, outsourcing, and migrations.

We are proficient in a multitude of business operations as well as I.T. development in retail banking, insurance, and wealth management sectors.

Our ability to assess business operations and technology capabilities coupled with our expert understanding, yields customized advice, recommendations, and total improvement, expanding all over the the financial services domain.

Our current clients are some of the world’s leading organizations in the financial realm, topping Forbes 500 list.

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Note-worthy knowledge

We demonstrate a specialty in business operations and I.T./systems change as well as office augmentation. SAF International’s experience in this sector of financial services is a result of heavy exposure to a wide range of operations pertinent to the banking domain. This includes ATM management, commodity operations, information management operations and many more.

We take a pragmatic approach to assisting businesses with outsourcing, I.T. platform migration, office augmentation, management, and financial operations to ensure the most effective and smartest results.

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SAF International takes expert level experience in business consulting services to the insurance sectors.

SAF International is a top contender in insurance management consultancy. This is a result of our proficiency and acquired knowledge in tackling some of the most unique challenges of the insurance sector.

Our clients support some of the world’s leading companies in insurance with unparalleled expertise.

Our expertise expands over:

Risk Evaluation, Compliance and Operational Regulation


Business case / benefits management

Strategizing- from small to  massive changes through design augmentation and management

IS/I.T. strategy and management


Operations Evaluation- constant betterment

Business reconfiguration and company transformation


We pay special focus on cards. Our holistic business management consultancy provides expert understanding of a full range of cards, in the domestic as well as in the international sphere.