PMO Assessment

SAF International has extensive experience in creating and managing successful Project Management Offices (PMO) for its clients. Having more than a decade of providing project and program management services to fortune 500 companies, it’s only natural that SAF International provides top-notch PMO assessment services as well. We assess your PMO using our proprietary model based on P3M3, OPM3 and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), which are globally recognized best-practice standards for assessing and developing capabilities in portfolio management, program management, and project management.

Our assessment services have helped numerous companies bring their PMO in alignment with industry standards, and begin delivering true value to their organization.

Our assessment is not a out of the box “apply to everyone”. We customize and create assessments specifically tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our goal is always is to create PMOs with a standard of excellence that owns all project, portfolio and project management processes. We ensure that the PM Skills will continually be assessed and developed, and the portfolios, programs, and projects will be reported at all levels.

Some of the areas addressed in our assessment include the following, (Depending on our clients PMO and assessment Scope)

• Developing and maintaining project management standards and methods

• Developing and maintaining program management standards and methods

• Developing and maintaining portfolio management standards and methods

• Developing and maintaining project historical archives

• Human Resources and staffing assistance

• Project management consulting and mentoring

• Providing and arranging training