Portfolio Management is a highly specialized field and requires an understanding of project to program management to an organization’s vision, mission, strategy, and objective, in order to properly setup portfolio management organization. This binds all three disciplines and creates what sometimes referred to as a Golden Thread.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a component collection of programs, projects, or operations managed as group to achieve strategic objectives. The portfolio component may not necessarily be interdependent or have related objectives. The portfolio component are quantifiable, that is, they can be measured, ranked, and prioritized.

The portfolio exists to achieve one or more organizational strategies and objectives and many consist of set of past, current, and planned or future portfolio components.

saf international portfolio management chart

Why SAF International?

– Performance Based Services Delivery

– Our “Performance Based Services Delivery” model is unique in the industry. This mean that SAF will deliver Portfolio Management services based on a pre-defined deliverables and depending on the portfolio, its associated artifact deliverables.  This includes specific guarantees, including daily prorated refund until the deliverables are met. This gives our client a complete peace of mind that, once SAF is engaged they know that the Portfolios will be based on pre-set requirements

– Our Portfolio Managers are highly experienced in setting up and managing portfolios

– World class artifacts creation

– Adherence to industry best practices

– Every Portfolio Manager is has backend support team to ensure all deliverables are met

– SAF International’s continuous market analysis of any updates in the portfolio management discipline, specifically with PMI’s standard for portfolio management, ensures our clients, that they are getting the best in class portfolio management services.

What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management is the coordinated management of one or more portfolio to achieve organizational strategies and objectives. It includes interrelated organizational processes by which an organization evaluates, selects, prioritizes, and allocates it limited internal resources to best accomplish organizational strategies consistent with vision, mission, and values. Portfolio management produces valuable information to support or alter organizational strategies and investment decisions.

The following table shows some of the services that are included in this offering. This service also works best for our clients who have engaged us for Organizational Goals Management services (OGM), as the delivery is consistently monitored for I.T. and organizational goals, and is tweaked if needed.
saf international portfolio management services
SAFs Implementation Process and Deliverables

 Our portfolio management service offering is top notch and world class. It is continuously enhance based on our continues feedback process and modification to our process based on “what’s new” in the industry.

saf international portfolio management define

The deliverables associated with each group and with distinct management areas within portfolio management. Namely, Portfolio Strategic management, Portfolio Governance management, Portfolio Performance Management, Communication management, and Portfolio Risk Management: