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Program Management

An incorrect, but popular belief is that program and its management is the same as for Project and its Management. And that Program is just a large project and can be setup and managed as a project.

In fact a program and its management is much more different than the project and its management. Among other things, it requires program managers to think and act in relation to and alignment with an organization’s strategy and objectives. The emphasis is on program benefits delivery.

For this reason, we suggest, that before you initiate a project, determine if it is a project or a program, because managing them distinctly makes huge impact on the outcome and intern on your strategy, as project and program management have different life cycles.

What is a Program?

Project Management Institute defines it as:

“A program is a group of related or similar projects managed in a coordinated way to get the benefits and control not available from managing them individually”.

Programs are comprised of various components – the majority of these being individual projects within the program. Programs may also include other work related to the component projects such as training and operations and maintenance activities. Other work, however, make up the non-project components or activities of the program and may be recognized as the management effort and infrastructure needed to manage the program (e.g. Program Governance, transition activities, or program Stakeholder Engagement activities. Programs are means of executing corporate strategies, and achieving business or organization goals and objectives.

What is Program Management?

And therefore, Program Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and technique to a program to meet the program requirements and to obtain benefits and control not available by managing projects individualy. It involves aligning multiple components to achieve the program goals and allows for optimized for integrated cost, schedule, and effort.

Why SAF International?

Our “Performance Based Services Delivery” model is unique in the industry. This mean that SAF will deliver programs based on a pre-defined program and product deliverables i.e. Cost, Time, budget, and Quality and depending on the programs, its associated product deliverables. This includes specific guarantees, including daily prorated refund until the deliverables are met. This gives our client a complete peace of mind that, once SAF is engaged they know that the program will be completed within the constraints.

Our program managers are highly experienced in managing programs as programs, and NOT as projects.

– World class artifacts creation

– Adherence to industry best practices

– Every program manager has a backend support team to ensure all deliverables are met

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Program Management Lifecycle
saf international program management lifecycle