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Over the past decade, SAF International has provided clients with top-notch services in project management. In that time, we have successfully developed a customizable suite of project management offerings that enable clients to focus on their core competencies as we deliver on our own.


It is projected that more than 40 million new project manager roles will be created across the globe by year 2020. This will have an economic impact of more than $20 trillion on the seven project-intensive industries such as Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing, IT services, Utilities, Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Construction. (Project Management Institute Research Report)

With this astronomical projected growth, and the related economic impact, the statistics on issues related to cost and schedule overruns is alarming. A lot of research has been done to analyze how often projects fail, the cost companies bear due to losses, etc.

Here are some of the statistics on the performance and other key delivery indices:

One out of six IT projects has an average cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of 70%. Around 45% of companies admit that they are unclear about the business objectives of their IT projects. (Harvard Business Review)

As per an IBM study, about 40% projects meet budget, schedule and quality goals. (Harvard Business Review)

Only around one-third of all projects were successfully closed as per the time and budget set, during the past one year. (Standish Group)

About 75% of IT Executives expect their software projects to fail. (Geneca)

The US economy loses $50-$150 billion because of failed IT projects every year. (Gallup Business Review)

50% of all Project Management Offices (PMO) shut down within three years. (KeyedIN)

Only 56% of project managers hold professional certification and about two-thirds of CIO’s consider PMI certification as a valuable benefit, but not a necessity. (Wrike)

80% of “high-performing” projects are led by a certified project manager. (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

A whopping 97% of companies believe project management is imperative for business performance and organizational success. (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

With these statistics, it begs a question, how can companies undertake projects and not lose millions of dollars because of failed projects delivery.

saf international project management-performance based delivery

Break away from the crowd

Since every project is or should be identified and undertaken to meet corporate goals and objectives, and if not delivered on time and with its associated deliverables, will directly impact the success or failure of corporate strategy implementation. And could have detrimental impact on company’s bottom line.

What if there is a way to initiate projects knowing from the outset that projects will be delivered on time and within budget, and all the project and product deliverables will be created and submit to the project owner as pre-determined during the initialization phase of the project.

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SAF’s addressed these issues by providing an outsourced Project Management Services, that is based on, what we call “Performance Based Services Delivery. This mean that SAF will deliver projects on a pre-defined project and product deliverables i.e. Cost, Time, budget, and Quality and depending on the project, all its associated product deliverables. This includes specific guarantees, including daily prorated refund until the project’s deliverables are met. This gives our client a complete peace of mind that, once SAF is engaged they know that the project will be completed within the constraints.

The table shows what is included in the service and some of the associated value it provides to our clients. This service also works best for our clients who have engaged us for Organizational Goals Management services (OGM), as the delivery is consistently monitored for I.T. and organizational goals, and is tweaked if needed

Why SAF International

 Performance based services delivery

 Highly experienced staff on specific types of projects

 Trained to deliver projects using SAF’s performance based delivery model

 Successfully completed more than 300 projects

 Every Project Manager has a supporting team to ensure that the required deliverables are met