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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a highly specialized field and requires an understanding of project to program management to an organization’s vision, mission, strategy, and objective, in order to properly setup portfolio management organization. Read More 

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Project Management

SAF International provides clients top-notch services in project management. Our project management experience touches upon a wide range of commerce, industry, and trade. Read More 

saf international business process management

Business Process Management

BPM deals with identifying all the processes associated with your organization; analyzing them for efficiency and effectiveness; measuring the results over a period of time; and optimizing these process BPM is solely concerned with… Read More 

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Office of Strategy Management

This is our most extensive service offering, designed to not only help our clients execute strategy, but to ensure that every portfolio of programs and projects that come out of strategy from related objectives and goals, are met. Read More 

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Program Management

Our program management experience spans the whole spectrum of business and commerce, including complex programs which involve organizational as well as technological changes. Read More 

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Balanced Scorecard Implementation

A balanced scorecard is a management system that enables an organization to set, track and accomplish its major business strategies and objectives. Abbreviated as BSC, this management system… Read More