Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM is the science of building, identifying, and managing processes so that they can be improved for maximum efficiency, and managing processes so they can be improved of maximum efficiency. BPM deals with identifying all the processes associated with your organization; analyzing them for efficiency and effectiveness; measuring the results over a period of time; and optimizing these process BPM is solely concerned with continuously improving the way work is done, in order to make the process efficient, less costly, and more production for your organization.

Academically, BPM has been defined in a variety of ways. However, a lot of industry experts have joined on the establishment of an official and definitive definition of BPM, and they define it as:

“Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline involving any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.
saf international business process management
A Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) brings technology into the BPM equation by providing a platform to model, manage, optimize, and rapidly adjust business processes. These technology solutions are toolkits for solving multiple process-related issues through automation, collaboration and visibility.

SAF utilizes its many partners, in order select the right solution for our clients.

In complex business environment, BPM offers a standard and scalable solution for managing processes. These solutions include person to person work steps, system-to-system communication, or combination of bother. It integrates various independent disciplines of process modeling, process simulation, workflow, process execution, process monitoring, Enterprise Architecture, lean, and Six Sigma into one untied standard to manage change.

It can include: Functional Analysis, Work flow Analysis, Service Analysis, Process Analysis, Information Analysis, Work flow Analysis.

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The reasons and drivers for adopting BPM


Requirement for processes and tools to support organic and inorganic growth such as new product launches, company mergers, and acquisitions, etc.

Change in organizational structure, both strategic and operational

Change in business strategy

Legal compliance or regulation, for example, SOX requirements, etc.

Need for business agility to respond to market opportunities threats


Need for reducing the strategy implementation

Improvement or development of a reliable performance measurement system

Development of end to end visibility of processes

Need for centralization of process controls

Need for process standardization to reduce duplication and unnecessary effort


Improvement of low employee motivation due to duplicate processes, resulting in efforts being spent on unnecessary tasks

Need for optimizing individual productivity

Provision of clear communication and understanding of the process between employees


Improvement of service quality to customers

Improvement of lead delivery time

Why SAF International?

By using our services in implementing BPM, whether as an outsourced or one-time implementation, our clients realize the following benefits:

1.  BPM will save your time and money

2.  Improved business agility

3.  Enhanced business intelligence

4.  Improved operational accountability

5.  Contiguous improvement

6.  Good compliance and regulatory governance

7.  Effective measurements

8.  Effective Risks management

9.  Effective organizational management

10. Performance visibility