Staff Augmentation

Our team of experts will raise the standard by leveraging existing resources and addressing areas where additional skills are required. We will conduct an extensive Q&A process, evaluations and a series of feedback- encouraged workshops to get a better, clearer and more comprehensive picture of our client’s current capabilities. From there we will determine which departments require additional reinforcement, scale competence in terms of relevance and eliminate idle work processes. Simply put, by allowing us to augment, alter and otherwise improve the current business model, development mechanisms and strategies for development and deployment, we like a true partner, will help you achieve your business’s maximized potential.

saf international it staffing

IT Staffing Solutions

To stay competitive and have an edge over the competition our clients success depends on their ability to quickly deploy resources to complete projects at hand. SAF International with access to hundreds of resources and network of partners, can quickly meet your requirement and deploy resources when needed.

saf international project team deployment services

Project Team Deployment Services

SAF International is a global consulting and strategy execution firm, and as such our years of experience in delivering solutions to various industries and delivery broad spectrum of projects, give us a unique niche to not only dispatch individual resources but to deploy an entire team to deliver projects successfully. This gives us an edge over our competitors that results in speedy and cost effective project completion for our clients.

Outsourcing Services