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Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Our expertise in this area is un-rivaled, as our highly-experienced consultants choose strategy creation and implementation approach from various well know processes, that fits what the organization are looking to achieve. We then guide them to create the strategy that put them on a path to creating competitive advantage, and distinguish them from their competitors. And if required we take over to manage the… More  

saf international office of strategy management

Office of Strategy Management

This is our most extensive service offering, designed to not only help our clients execute strategy, but to ensure that every portfolio of programs and projects that come out of strategy from related objectives and goals, are met. Our clients hire us to “breathe easy” knowing that the corporate and departmental goals will be met, and knowing that this is based on our “Performance Based Services Delivery” Model… More  

saf international strategy execution

Strategy Execution

Does your organization have a strategic plan? Do you know where that strategic plan is currently located? Or is your plan fully integrated into the business processes of your organization and its operations. And its fully known by its employees.

Unfortunately, it’s a widely known fact that organizations go through a cyclical and extensive efforts to create strategic plans, but then ends up in the form of… More  

saf international balanced scorecard

Balanced Scorecard Implementation

A balanced scorecard is a management system that enables an organization to set, track and accomplish its major business strategies and objectives. Abbreviated as BSC, this management system is also used in strategic management to identify and improve different internal functions of an organization and their resulting external outcomes… More  

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