Mobile APP Development

The latest mobile devices are changing the way we communicate, do business, access news, and entertainment. Businesses and consumers have embraced this technology to access information anytime and anywhere.

SAF International is highly talented and experienced in mobile application development for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Blackberries, as well as optimization of web applications  for the smaller mobile device screens.

We are up to speed with latest technologies and trends of the mobile industry; this gives us and our clients a valuable edge. Through the life cycle, from initial consulting to design, and to development, we engage our clients to ensure the product is to their satisfaction.

Consultation and creation of BRD

Our team of experts will go over your requirements/ concepts and create a Business Requirement Document; this would highlight all the functionality you are looking for in an application. Once our client gives us the approval on the contents of the BRD, we then proceed to ARD creation. The BRD document ensures that our team is on the same page as our client’s requirements and concepts.

Wire-frame creation

The wire-frame includes the layout and the look and feel for an application. This gives our client a clear picture of the functions and the flow of those functions. This document clearly shows how your business/concept requirements are being met.

SRD (Creation of App System Requirements Document)

The initial SRD is created by translating the BRD into technical requirements. This document also highlights the technical details and the technologies that would be used to create a final product. Once our client gives us the approval on the contents of the SRD, we then proceed to the creation of wire-framing.  The SRD document ensures the correct and most up-to-date technologies are used to have the best product created for our clients. In this stage a dedicated technical team is assigned to deliver the final product.

UI design

Using wire-frames as a guide, our design team creates the User Interface (UI), which includes designing of icons, backgrounds, and an eye catching graphics.


Once the wire diagram and UI design is approved by our client, we then proceed with the development and completion of the product. Once the product is completed, it is vigorously tested by our team to ensure each and every function and feature works as intended.

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