In today’s ever evolving and increasingly competitive market, senior directors and chief officers of contemporary organizations are always looking for a means to develop their industry’s competitiveness. While sustainability can lead to such an advantage, it also proves to be one of the most challenging factors.

The successful execution of sustainability goals continues to be difficult and cumbersome. The fulfillment of sustainability ventures will have an astounding realization and an extensive transformational force that will invariably affect the entire industrial ecosystem. Clients, partners, suppliers, employees, the community and society as a whole will be influenced. SAF International aims to keep clients ahead of such a domino effect and well equipped to execute their own sustainability operations. We understand how integral this strategic market focus is and as such have developed three key features to address this concern.


Addresses the need for businesses to be granted an implicit license by key stakeholders to conduct their business in a transparent and a sustainable manner. This enhances brand value and reputation based on real initiatives that make a real impact on environment, social, and economic issues
We understand the importance of conducting business in a transparent and tenable way.


Seeks ways to do more with less, conserving precious natural resources, eliminating waste, reusing/ recycling raw materials, and finding suitable substitutes. These include achieving energy efficiency across the enterprise, lowering CO2 emissions to meet emerging regulations as well as lowering cost and improving efficiency.

saf international sustainability

New Progress and Innovation

Results occur as a result of constructing novel products and services designed especially for the sustainability market. Thereby, redefining the current status quo and creating new vehicles for progress and profits. We address the frameworks for innovation, competency and partnership, collaboration and all co-existing entities, in addition to research development.


Sustainability Demands: Successful sustainability results require a thorough understanding of the industry. Such understanding comprises aspects such as enterprise data models, technology and architecture, communication operations, program and change management, and progress evaluation.

Shortage of Skill: There is a want of skilled and experienced sustainability consultants in a myriad of areas, from green IT, energy operations and other related fields.

Reconfiguring the Blueprint: sustainability initiatives require organizational interventions which often demand a total reconfiguration of such processes. Such processes call for substantial employee effort, management and other efforts.

Cost Allocation: Organizations should strive to make the most of investment opportunities in their sustainability initiatives. Additionally, they should also seek to lower the cost of ownership.


Align sustainability with the organization’s core strategy and values to ensure that it is a guiding principle in all initiatives.
Calibrate sustainability with the organization’s main objectives and values. It should become a leading authority in all campaigns.
Construct your brand and credibility around sustainability, gauge areas of improvement with employees, clients, holders, suppliers and other investors
Penetrate new sectors and industries and alternative sources of revenue through new products and services. Become inspired by your new sustainability initiatives.

Access risks from energy and resource venues and manage regulatory compliance demands.